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Letters: Tuition and student debt

August 18, 2014 Your article on consolidating and refinancing student loan debt ("Strategize Student Loan Debt Repayment Through Consolidation and Refinancing," July 14 ADA News) omitted mention of the root cause of dental graduates' enormous debt loads: outrageously high tuition fees.

I recently ran across my old tuition bills. Adjusting them upwards for inflation, my dental school should today be charging $9,000 per year. Instead, they are charging $78,000 per year.

Why are they charging that much? Because they know students can borrow that much.

In my view, these unconscionably high tuition costs constitute rank exploitation.

Considering the enormous endowments most dental schools enjoy, they could help alleviate their graduates' debt loads by refunding a sizable portion of their tuition fees.

Garvan F. Kuskey, D.D.S.
Santa Barbara, California