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Letters: Flat economy

January 06, 2014

Kelly Soderlund's article predicting that the new normal will be a flat dental economy comes as no surprise ("Environmental Scan Shows Dentistry Entering a New Normal, Dental Economy To Remain Flat," Oct. 7 ADA News). Every day I see ads from mostly young dentists who claim to accept "most plans." I will add, a colleague well over 50 just told me he extracted a tooth and earned the munificent sum of $17 for that service. A good 1960s fee?

Twenty-five years ago a rancher I know well lamented that "... agriculture is the only business that takes a product to market and asks: 'What'll ya give me for it?'" It seems to me that dentistry is following in agriculture's footprints.

Folks, it does not have to be this way. One has the freedom to contract or not to contract, and should read every contract very carefully before they enter into it to decide whether it makes any economic sense to do so.

Griffin T. Murphey, D.D.S.
Fort Worth, Texas