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Letters: EPA intrusion questioned

April 20, 2015 I'm no conservative but I have to ask the EPA why the foolish intrusion into our wonderful practice of dentistry ("Association Offers Comments to 'Improve' EPA Separator Proposal," March 2 ADA News).

Silver amalgam fillings last nearly forever. Most of the silver fillings that were done in previous decades will probably last through the patient's end of life. Most likely those "dangerous" fillings will be buried with the patient.

My office and so many other offices no longer do silver amalgam fillings. Common sense would indicate this is hardly the time to overregulate our practices to go beyond the amalgam separators 95 percent level of mercury salvage. Is this the time to burden us with a 99 percent mercury salvage level?

I believe the burning of coal puts far more mercury into the environment than the silver amalgam fillings we no longer do.

Leonard Kessler, D.D.S
Weston, Florida