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Letters: Tales of the Brookdale ER

February 16, 2015 "Are you scared Bob?"

"That is why I am talking to you, Dr. Cranin. I think we need to move right now. The patient does not have much time."

It is with much interest that I read the "After-hours Emergency Care" letter in the Oct 20, 2014, ADA News and the responses by my fellow Brookdale Alumni Drs. Rosenstock and Hanzel.

The interrelationship between medicine and dentistry, especially in the emergency room, was just part of the normal day at Brookdale Medical Center under founder and chair, Dr. Norman Cranin.

One of the many frozen in my medical memory moments at Brookdale was when I saw the swollen ER patient and immediately went to Dr. Cranin saying, "Ludwig's Angina, I think we need to get this patient to the operating room ASAP and to have the trach team standing by."

At Brookdale during that time, we covered all emergencies between the nose and neck including severe trauma 24/7/365 for the millions of folks in Brooklyn, New York, and neighboring areas.

In this case, it was within minutes that we were admitting the patient and going to the operating room.

It would be difficult for those of us who were general practice residents at Brookdale in 1979-81 to believe that there is still even a discussion of "dental" being a part of "medicine."

We were an integral part of patient care back then and it has served as the basis allowing us to continue in private practice embracing all that is involved with "integrative dental medicine."

To us, dentistry is a "hub of health care."

Robert J. Oro, D.M.D.
Oro Valley, Arizona