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Letters: The Cigna rating system

January 20, 2015 Of course this rating system ("Cigna To Launch Rating System That ADA Calls Scientifically Flawed," Oct. 20, 2014, ADA News) will be flawed, but not necessarily for scientific reasons. How about for just basic economic reasons? For the past 25 years or so, maximum benefits for all dental plans have not kept up with inflation. A $1,000 yearly benefit level then is still $1,000 a year today.

With the amount of restorative care per subscriber being controlled by limiting reimbursement that is predicated by premiums costs, most patients will choose not to exceed their yearly maximums by even one dollar.

This is how payers control their expenditures. The cost of doing dentistry is the cost of doing dentistry, period.

I still believe that our patients will continue to want us to provide their care based on the ADA's Patient Bill of Rights, not on what costs the least. If the ADA was smart, it would see that the subscribers of all plans, especially those using the Cigna rating system, are made aware of this document that supports the interests of our patients.

Lloyd A. Wallin, D.D.S.
Burnsville, Minnesota