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Letters: Amalgam challenge

July 13, 2015 I have to disagree with Drs. Leonard Kessler (Letters, April 20 ADA News) and Robert Puszykowski (Letters, May 18 ADA News) in the strongest terms. They state that “amalgams can last forever,” and “the patient will be buried with the [amalgam] fillings.” I spend a good bit of my day, every day, replacing old failed amalgams. They, of course, get recurrent caries as does any dental restoration, but more importantly cause teeth to fracture. The literature is replete with research for the last 40 years demonstrating that the setting expansion of amalgams creates outward forces on the tooth structure which will eventually lead to fracture. I guarantee every reader has seen innumerable times a tooth with an old amalgam where a cusp has fractured off or the tooth has split. This is caused by the amalgam. The ADA preaches evidence-based dentistry. I challenge every reader to do a thorough literature search on amalgams and tooth fracture. This might open even the most closed of minds on the subject.

Stephen H. Chronister, D.D.S.
Topeka, Kansas