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Letters: Taxing sugar

May 29, 2015 I see the “popularity of taxing sugar-sweetened beverages” is being floated in the May 4 ADA News (“ADA Urges More Research on Sugar and Oral Health”), and the February JADA guest editorial. I hope not seriously. Let’s not mix important health care concerns with the blatant, quack, big government cure all: tax and control.

Many of the very people who claim that Americans are addicted to sugar are eternally addicted to taxing anything that moves or, in this case, bubbles. If there is an epidemic of obesity in America, it is equally prevalent in the incompetent political kleptocracy. After all, what is another tax to an already bloated obese bureaucracy? I can speak to that from here in New Jersey. At the end of the day, the tax is not for the poor, often-manufactured victims of society but for political pockets.

Taxing sugar-sweetened drinks starts with the classic big government/mainstream media setup. That politicians, academics and government are more competent and responsible than the individual or health professional. Really? One of the major flaws of health professional organizations is carelessly succumbing to the strong, careless arm of government. We don’t need the political nonsense of more taxation and government intervention for our daily lives. We need to use our own common sense and backbone.

Andrew Tanchyk, D.M.D.
East Brunswick, New Jersey