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Letters: United Concordia

September 21, 2015 I just finished the article in the Aug. 17 ADA News, "United Concordia to Deny Claims With Routine Radiographs on Patients Without Symptoms." I'm glad to see the ADA working on our behalf to keep oral health care decisions in the clinic and not the insurance companies.

I find it disturbing that the insurance company has taken this stance. One major reason I see claims rejected in my office is for a request for X-rays following anterior restorations. If they are truly worried about radiation exposure, as they claim, then they should trust the dentists' decision to treat oral lesions based off a visual exam.

I often wonder who comes up with these crazy ideas insurance companies have. It seems to me that United Concordia's right hand does not know what its left hand is doing. We all know that treatment cost would not be so high if the insurance companies would leave more decisions up to the patient. Thanks to the ADA for holding insurance companies accountable.

Darron Kelley, D.D.S.
Preston, Idaho