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Letters: Technology rebuttal

August 22, 2016 In the June 6 ADA News I read Dr. Markman's thoughts on scanners for impression making with great interest ("Keeping Pace With Technology"). He criticized scanning technology and felt he was being kind to call it "user-unfriendly" and that he was sold  "sucky" technology. I, like Dr. Markman, am also a 1962 DDS graduate. I later received my specialty certificate in prosthodontics and a master's degree in higher education.

Many years ago I recall a very reputable professor in operative dentistry informing me that reversible hydrocolloid was the most accurate impression material and to refrain from using elastomeric impression materials. I questioned the tear strength of hydrocolloid and was informed that it was not a problem.

Change is difficult for all of us and may be even more so for experienced clinicians like Dr. Markman who for more than 50 years has made impressions using conventional techniques. Digital scanning has been used successfully in dentistry since 1989 and after 30 years is much more sophisticated and effective. It is here to stay and will only get better in much the same manner as hydrocolloid was replaced by newer and improved elastomeric impression materials.  

The learning curve is steep when incorporating computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing technology into a dental practice. When mastered, both the clinician and the patient benefit.

Digital dentistry is the new norm. With patience and openness to learn new skills, we will all be more well equipped in our changing profession.

Howard M. Landesman, D.D.S.
Tarzana, California