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Letters: Technology hurdles

July 11, 2016 I agree with Dr. Stanley Markman completely (My View, June 6 ADA News). Technology should make life easier and in the long run, less expensive for everyone and still be able to assist in rendering beautiful and long-lasting restorations.

In actuality, I have yet to see that with an intraoral scanner in my office or that of my other solo practitioner colleagues who’ve been practicing more than 20 years.
I know that getting adept with the scanner was not the issue for me. It was the huge ongoing costs of software and hardware maintenance. Impression material is but a fraction of the cost of the technology, and I would argue more environmentally friendly.

Until the technology can make all our lives better, some of us need to save our resources for things that will truly impact our patients and the workers’ (ourselves and our employees) lives in positive ways, both technical and financial.

This is what happens when sales and marketing trumps good, ethical research and development.

Susan Caliri, D.D.S.
Berkeley, California