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Letters: Delta Dental's beginning

August 21, 2017

In the July 10 ADA News the article of continued interest was “Delta Dental Targeted by Dentists in Two States.” For some reason, this triggered a memory about the initial years where we as dentists were asked to help fund the startup of Delta Dental. We were motivated by the fact that this was a dental benefit company run by dentists for dentists.

I seem to remember writing off to Delta 3 to 5 percent of our charged and supplied fees to help this startup. I don’t remember ever being advised about our return on investment. For those of us who remember it was potentially during the setup of our practices. Considering the overhead, even during this time period, it was a source of lost income. Delta, of course, will always use the comeback that it was for our benefit, both financially and as a source of patients. Seems to sound like any other insurance company we deal with.

I have asked Delta representatives here in town if this action was remembered by anyone. It seems they have no memory or interest in their own startup. Convenient for sure.

Scott Pizer, D.D.S.