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Letters: More education

March 04, 2019

In reference to the My View by Drs. Craig S. Miller, Nelson L. Rhodus and John C. Robinson, "Does Dentistry Have a Role in Health Care," (Nov. 19 ADA News) I'd like to relay an experience of mine. Practicing in a mutli-disciplinary clinic years ago, I noticed that one M.D., who I knew was foreign educated, was referring many patients with oral problems to me while the U.S.-trained referred few, if any. One day, I asked him how he was acquainted with oral diseases and the terminology, and he relayed that when he was a student at the University of Prague, Czech Republic now, he and his classmates were rotated through the dental department and clinics with lectures and observation of treatments. This, of course, was and is not done in American medical schools even now.

My conclusion was that if dental and oral disease and treatment is taught as part of the curriculum at the basic level it would be understood to be an integral part of general health care. More education about what we do is necessary for not only the public and media, but for our medical colleagues as well.

Jack L. Lieberman, D.D.S.
Morton Grove, Illinois