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Letters: Praise for Rep. Paul Gosar

May 10, 2021

I am writing in response to the letter by David J. Dowsett, D.D.S., in the April 12 issue of the ADA News critical of ADPAC support for Paul Gosar, D.D.S., R-Arizona 4th.

Laws are not passed by magic. Dr. Gosar was one of several lawmakers, who, along with Drs. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho 2nd; Brian Babin, R-Texas 36th; Drew Ferguson, R-Georgia 3rd; and Jeff Van Drew, R-New Jersey 2nd; all members of the House of Representatives, fought to pass the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act, which eliminates the unfair provisions of the McCarran-Ferguson Act.

In addition, Dr. Gosar represents an expansive, mostly rural, area of Arizona with a preponderance of conservative citizens. As a recipient of Dr. Gosar’s periodic newsletters, I have observed how well he serves the constituents of his district. He has an excellent relationship with the Native American communities in the state.

As Dr. Daniel J. Klemmedson, ADA president, stated in his editorial note, ADPAC is bipartisan in assisting candidates who support dentistry’s objectives. Imagine just what would happen if conservative ADA members withheld ADPAC donations for liberal candidates, and if liberal members withheld donations for conservative candidates. Our political action committee, which has become very effective on Capitol Hill, would be diminished to a nonentity.

All ADA members have to realize that both liberals and conservatives support our Association’s goals in the Congress and that we have to put aside our personal likes and dislikes of individual political leaders and focus on what is best for dentistry.

Jay R. Wells III, D.D.S.
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania