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PPR - Professional Product Review

Fluoride Varnish and Silver Diamine Fluoride: Fluoride Release Analysis and Clinical Guidance

Volume 12, Issue 2

November 09, 2017

New treatment options for dental caries now provide dentists and patients with more tools than ever. Because caries development involves a broad spectrum of factors, choosing the right treatment at the right time is crucial to any successful plan.

Two non-invasive products - fluoride varnish and silver diamine fluoride (SDF) - which are primarily indicated for tooth hypersensitivity are also commonly used off-label to manage carious lesions at different stages in their development process. Of the two, fluoride varnish works best in the prevention of new carious lesions and for the management of existing non-cavitated lesions; SDF is most effective when used to arrest caries progression at the cavitated stage.

Because it is a newer product, you may not be as familiar with SDF. A recent ADA study of its Clinical Evaluators (ACE) Panel found that only a fraction of dentists are using SDF for dental treatments on a monthly basis, and 78 percent of ACE Panel members surveyed said they had never used it. SDF isn’t an ideal solution for everyone because it leaves a permanent black stain on the teeth, but it can be a useful stop-gap for patients with mobility or care access issues, or for patients looking for a non-invasive alternative. If used correctly, both products can bolster your caries treatment plans.

The November PPR explores the fluoride release levels of both products, and provides clinical information and guidance on common concerns, application tips and more.

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November PPR - Full Issue
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ACE Panel Study Results

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