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Guidelines for Product Acceptance


In evaluating products for the ADA Seal of Acceptance, the Council on Scientific Affairs determines whether the product complies with its Guidelines for Participation in the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance Program and the applicable ADA Acceptance Program Product Guideline listed below. These guidelines describe the clinical, biological, and laboratory studies necessary to evaluate safety and effectiveness. They are subject to revision and may be updated at any time.

To request a submission packet on how to apply for the ADA Seal email or call 312.440.3528.

ADA Acceptance Program Product Guidelines

  • Adjunctive Dental Therapies for the Reduction of Plaque and Gingivitis (2011) (PDF)
  • Bottled Water with Fluoride (2010) (PDF)
  • Chemotherapeutic Agents to Slow, Arrest or Reverse Periodontitis (2010) (PDF)
  • Chemotherapeutic Products for Control of Gingivitis (2008) (PDF)
  • Cleansers for Removable Prostheses (2011) (PDF)
  • Clinical Trial Protocols (2007) (PDF)
  • Dental Floss or Other Interdental Cleaners (2011) (PDF)
  • Dentist Dispensed Home-Use Tooth Bleaching Products (2006) (PDF)
  • Denture Adherents (2011) (PDF)
  • Determination of Efficacy in Product Evaluation (2011) (PDF)
  • Fluoride-Containing Dentifrices (Toothpastes) (2005) (PDF)
  • Home-Use Tooth Stain Removal Products (2012) (PDF)
  • Oral Irrigating Devices (2008) (PDF)
  • Over the Counter Home-Use Tooth Bleaching Products (2006) (PDF)
  • Products for the Cessation of Smoking and Use of Smokeless Tobacco (2010) (PDF)
  • Products for the Treatment of Dentinal Hypersensitivity (2012) (PDF)
  • Products Used in the Management of Oral Malodor (2003) (PDF)
  • Sugar Free Chewing Gums to Help Reduce-Prevent Cavities (2010) (PDF)
  • Toothbrushes (2012) (PDF)