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US TAG for ISO/TC 106 Dentistry


The U.S. TAG for ISO/TC 106 Dentistry participates in the development of international dental standards for dental materials, oral hygiene products, dental equipment, dental instruments, dental implants and more.

U.S. TAG Background and a Listing of ISO Standards

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international yet non-governmental organization that has as its objective the development of worldwide standards. It is comprised of the single most representative standardization body from each country. ANSI is the U.S. member to ISO. The United States participates in ISO through the U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAG). ANSI has designated the American Dental Association as sponsor and Secretariat of the U.S. Technical Advisory Committee for ISO/Technical Committee 106 Dentistry. The U.S. TAG for ISO/TC 106 casts the United States vote on all international dental standards. In addition, experts have been named to various working groups within subcommittees of ISO/TC 106. This ensures that the U.S. interests are considered in the development of international standards.

The U.S. TAG is comprised of eight Sub-TAGs which are responsible for a particular category of standards. They are:

  • Sub-TAG 1: Orthodontic & Restorative Materials,
  • Sub-TAG 2: Prosthodontic Materials,
  • Sub-TAG 3: Dental Terminology,
  • Sub-TAG 4: Dental Instruments,
  • Sub-TAG 6: Dental Equipment,
  • Sub-TAG 7: Oral Hygiene Products,
  • Sub-TAG 8: Dental Implants, and
  • Sub-TAG 9: Dental CAD/CAM Systems.

Membership on the Sub-TAGs are open to all U.S. national persons who indicate that they are directly and materially affected by the activity of the TAG. Membership is divided into the following interest categories:

Producer: A member who represents an organization that produces or sells materials, products, systems, or services covered in the scope of the document(s) developed within the subcommittee shall be classified as a producer.

Consumer: A member, or a member who represents an organization, that in the context of his/her profession purchases or uses materials, products, systems, or services covered in the scope of the documents(s) developed within the subcommittee shall be classified as a consumer provided that the member could not also be classified as a producer.

General Interest: A member who does not fit into any of the preceding categories, for example: Government agency representatives, representative of consumer groups, or research experts.

Download information about joining the U.S. TAG as a:

Download the U.S. TAG Application and Copyright Assignment:

The U.S. TAG meets annual in conjunction with the SCDP (see meeting information in section above). ISO/TC 106 will hold its annual meeting in Milan, Italy on Sept. 17-21, 2018. Attendees must be registered members of the U.S. TAG to attend the international meeting.  For information on meetings and membership, please email or call 312.440.2506.