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House amends CAPIR bylaws

San Antonio—Amending the ADA Bylaws regarding the duties of the ADA Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations, the ADA House of Delegates reinforced the council's role to work with internal and external groups to evaluate public health trends, recommend policy and improve access to care, said Dr. Lindsey A. Robinson, council chair.

The House adopted Resolution 40H-2008 during annual session in October.

"Adoption of CAPIR's bylaws clarifies the importance of our duties in managing programs like Give Kids A Smile, fluoridation issues, developing resources, advising the association on issues of access, prevention and interprofessional relations, providing advice to constituencies on public health matters and more," said Dr. Robinson.

"CAPIR is uniquely positioned to facilitate collaboration and promote dialogue between the ADA and a broad array of communities of interest and further position the Association as America's leading advocate for oral health."

To read the resolution's listing of 11 CAPIR duties, log on to

The House also passed Resolution 69H-2008, which directs the council to "assess current ADA programs, projects and activities specific to access to care and similar activities conducted outside of the ADA and develop a draft access Strategic Work Plan to be presented to the 2009 ADA House of Delegates."

The plan should include goals, implementation steps, policy recommendations, strong evaluation components, and monitoring plans to facilitate setting realistic timelines, guidelines and budgets, and serve as vehicle to enlist collaborative action to improve access to care by a broad stakeholder community.

"This resolution," said Dr. Robinson, "reaffirms CAPIR's ongoing work in projects like the upcoming access summit, which will generate action items to help us develop long-term plans for future initiatives."

For more details, contact Dr. Steven P. Geiermann, CAPIR senior manager, Access, Community Oral Health Infrastructure and Capacity, by e-mailing or calling toll-free, Ext. 2667.