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Annual session is fun for children at ADA Kids Camp

San Antonio—Offering safe, convenient, educational and fun care for kids whose parents are attending the ADA annual session, ADA Kids Camp received high praise from families who participated while they were in San Antonio this October.

Ten-year-old Alice Taylor Hick of Gold Canyon, Ariz., sacrificed rehearsals for her ballet school's upcoming performance of the Nutcracker to attend annual session, says mom Pamela Ryan-Hick, R.D.H.

"It was very difficult for Alice to get time off to attend the ADA convention because her ballet school doesn't allow students to miss rehearsals," said Ms. Ryan-Hick. "I place the importance of Alice attending the annual session above her Nutcracker performances. The experience she had at the ADA meeting and Kids Camp will last a lifetime.

"As a faithful convention attendee," added Ms. Ryan-Hick, "I will bring Alice to future ADA conventions because not only is she learning what dentists have to go through to update their licenses, she is learning a breadth of knowledge about the history of the cities where the conventions are held, and I can be assured my child is in a safe and loving environment."

"I liked visiting the Alamo," Alice said. "It was different than I thought it would be. I really liked the gift shop there. I bought souvenirs for me and my sister."

"Alice will always remember the hugs she received from her teachers when I picked her up to go back to our hotel," said Ms. Ryan-Hick. "She can't wait to attend the 2009 meeting in Hawaii. She is already asking me for scuba lessons. Good thing Alice is a competitive swimmer as well as a ballerina. She will have an easy time learning about scuba diving and catching those big Hawaiian waves."

Dr. Kay C. Moser of Amite, La., said she attends annual session "for the excellent courses and renewed enthusiasm I receive from the exciting meetings.

"My daughter Carolyn attended Kids Camp for three days," said Dr. Moser. "She absolutely loved it. She stayed from 8 a.m. until almost 6 p.m. I was able to go to all my courses knowing she was well taken care of. When I picked her up in the afternoon she was a 'happy' tired."

"My counselor was one of the nicest counselors I've met," said Carolyn. "I met a lot of new friends and I loved all the field trips and the other stuff, too. I really liked the children's museum. They have a place where you can go into a plane and pretend to fly it."

Although 9-year-old Carolyn said she likes to fly in airplanes, she's not an aspiring pilot. "I like to fly but I don't want to drive the plane! And I like being out of school to be here," she added as other campers joined in with resounding cheers and yeses. "But you still have to do Kids Camp notes for school."

Kerri Sebring, marketing director for Cadent in Carlstadt, N.J., said she and her sons Blake and Brian "had a wonderful experience with Kids Camp. I've told many of my industry colleagues about the program. I travel frequently and having the opportunity to bring the boys with me and know they were well cared for during the day was just incredible. Whether you are a single parent or a two-parent family, this program is a tremendous resource for families."

"I liked being able to go on a 'work' trip with my mom," said 9-year-old Blake. "I liked the magician, the field trips and the video games at the camp. The magician made a rabbit appear from his box and we couldn't even figure out how he did that. We made some new friends and the camp counselors made it a lot of fun for us. We liked going to the camp during the day and then being with my mom at night and seeing the River Walk, swimming at the hotel pool and going to a San Antonio Spurs basketball game. We even went to see the ADA show. That was very cool. We want to go again next year."

Dr. Cecilia Berrospe of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, attended annual session with her 10-year-old daughter Domenica.

"We had a great time in San Antonio," said Dr. Berrospe. "Domenica enjoyed so much the ADA Kids Camp, although she was there only Oct. 17. We arrived early that morning because she wanted to take the trip to El Alamo and the children's museum. She felt great, her English is pretty good so she had no problems communicating. When we got back home she had a lot of experiences to share with her father and sister who couldn't come with us. When she went back to school she had a 'show and tell class' to talk about this with her classmates."

"I liked going to the children's museum," said Domenica. "There's a place where you can put yourself inside a big bubble and then you pop it to get back out."

"When I attend any meeting in my country," added Dr. Berrospe, "we don't have this facility where you can take your children and both will learn and have fun. The staff encourages the children to take pictures, play, share and learn."

For 12 consecutive years, ACCENT on Children's Arrangements Inc. has managed ADA Kids Camp. ACCENT is a fully insured, professional child care company.

This October, more than 50 campers from 6 months to 12 years of age enjoyed a variety of supervised, age-appropriate activities at ADA Kids Camp at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio. On-site activities included a magic show, face painting, balloon sculpting, music, a visit from the ADA's Dee Dee dinosaur mascot and free play with equipment including inflatable basketball hoops.

Older kids were also able to take optional field trips each day. This year, campers were able to explore the historic Alamo, enjoy hands-on fun at the San Antonio Children's Museum, see the sights at Hemisfair Park and check out the animals at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Information about the 2009 Kids Camp at the 150th ADA annual session in Honolulu will be available March 31 online at