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FedEx offers ADA members discounts

Company sponsors contest for wireless entertainment system

FedEx offers ADA members discounts

FedEx is offering up to a 27 percent discount on shipping services, exclusively for ADA members.

Since June 2009, thousands of ADA members have enrolled in the FedEx Advantage Program. There are no enrollment fees or shipping quotas to participate, and members begin saving with their first shipment. Dentists who have an existing account with FedEx can  take advantage of the program by transferring their existing account.

"All of our endorsed providers deliver excellent value for ADA members, and the FedEx program is a great example of that," said Deborah Doherty, managing vice president, ADA Business Resources. "Members only need to enroll, which is free and takes a few minutes, and they'll be set up to save a great deal on future express shipments."

The cost savings with the FedEx program can really add up, she added.

"When members compare their existing shipping rates with the FedEx Advantage Program, they are generally amazed," said Ms. Doherty. "All it takes is a few minutes of an office managers' time. FedEx representatives will transfer their existing account into the FedEx Advantage Program, and the savings begin automatically."

Now, for a limited time, ADA members (including their staff and families) have a chance to win a wireless entertainment system (retail value $1,000) from FedEx.

To enter, go online to or call 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday). The contest is open until Dec. 31.