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ADA Catalog features revised prevention brochures

ADA Catalog features revised prevention brochures

The ADA Catalog is offering a 15 percent discount on all patient education orders of $100 or more from now until Dec. 15 with priority code 10429.

Two of the ADA Catalog’s revised prevention brochures include:

  • Fluoride: Nature’s Cavity Fighter (W102): This brochure spotlights fluoride’s role in preventing and repairing decay and explains to patients how community water fluoridation is a useful, safe, cost-effective means to help prevent tooth decay. It also describes different forms of fluoride and points out that bottled water and filtration systems may not provide access to optimal levels of fluoride. The brochure reminds parents to closely monitor amounts of fluoride ingested by children under age 6.
  • Why You Should See Your Dentist (W109): This mini-brochure is the perfect size to mail to new patients and to those you haven’t seen in a while to reinforce the importance of regular dental exams. The brochure explains what the dentist does during an exam, including assessing the health of the entire mouth and screening for cancer and gum disease. It also covers the link between oral and systemic health and the importance of disclosing any changes in health or medications during the exam.

For more information, to place an order or request samples, call 1-800-947-4746 or go to