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At member request, therapeutics added to Professional Product Review

At member request, therapeutics added to Professional Product Review
Dr. Hellstein

Members asked for it, and the ADA Professional Product Review has answered with a new feature designed to help dentists keep up with the latest in pharmacology.

The Review’s fall issue contains a new dental therapeutics section, which debuts following tremendous response from members.

Since its launch in 2006, the ADA Professional Product Review has been a triumph for the ADA Division of Science and Council on Scientific Affairs, which publishes it. According to member input, reader surveys in 2008 and 2009 indicated that 88 percent said they hoped the Review would expand to include dental therapeutics topics.

“Drugs are ubiquitous in our society, both legal and illegal, prescribed and over-the-counter as well as manufactured and naturally occurring,” said Dr. David Sarrett, editor of the Review. “Dentists have to stay current on this entire spectrum of pharmacology and this new therapeutics feature will help our members do just this.”

Dr. Byrne
  Dr. Byrne
“Strictly speaking, it’s not product review, but it’s closely related and something our membership is interested in,” said Dr. John Hellstein, CSA chair. “It’s hard to keep up with pharmacology because many dentists don’t have daily interaction with most medications or in some cases, it may be medications they prescribe or only use occasionally and it’s difficult.”

In July, the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs convened a panel to address the dental therapeutics topic. Former vice chair Dr. Peter Jacobsen, an oral medicine specialist and pharmacologist, led the group, which included Dr. Richard Wynn, professor of pharmacology at the University of Maryland dental school; Dr. Craig Miller, professor of oral medicine and microbiology at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry; Dr. B. Ellen Byrne, senior associate dean and professor of endodontics at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry; Karen Baker, Ph.D., a clinical pharmacologist at the University of Iowa; Dr. Ron Zentz, CSA director as well as a general dentist and pharmacist; and Dr. Mandy Chia, director of the Review.

In the fall issue, Dr. Byrne, who Dr. Sarrett called a “walking Physicians’ Desk Reference,” answers dental therapeutics questions ranging from the uses of OxyContin to how to treat patients who have undergone bariatric surgery.

“The question-and-answer format helps grab your attention,” Dr. Byrne said. “Dentists are busy people and we don’t want to minimize the importance of the information provided, but this is one way to learn the facts quickly.”

PPR cover
Added Dr. Zentz, “We hope the new feature will be a helpful addition to the ADA-PDR Guide to Dental Therapeutics, which is updated every three years. Including information about therapeutic regimens, adverse reactions, drug interactions and related topics in the Review will help dentists manage patients and communicate effectively with other health care professionals in an increasingly complex therapeutic environment.”

The new issue also includes a review of endodontic handpieces and a panel discussion on apex locators. It mails with the October issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association.

“There aren’t very many forums available to members about something basic but at the same time so ever-changing. It’s going to be beneficial to the membership, and we’d love more feedback on what the grassroots members like and want to know more about,” said Dr. Hellstein.

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