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San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic—A faculty-student team from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry traveled here July 11-Aug. 8 to assess the potential for a partnership between UIC and the local community to supplement dental services in the province of San Jose de Ocoa.

Althought the ADA is urging industry standardization on radiograph requirement and return policies, third-party payers continue to use different criteria to determine when images are needed to support claims adjudication, and if and how those radiographs will be returned to dentists.

Elder Care Research Committee, formed in response to Resolution 5H-2006, met at ADA Headquarters in Chicago Oct. 30 and 31.

Communities in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Maine and New York addressed fluoridation issues at the polls Nov. 4 and generated mixed results.

San Antonio—The ADA House of Delegates continued to make oral health literacy a priority, passing three resolutions that build on its work to promote "clear, accurate and effective communication" in the profession.

ADA policy—Resolution 35H-2007—calls for third-party payers to return radiographs.

More than 70 students from the dental schools at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Southern Illinois University traveled to ADA Headquarters Oct. 3-4 for the 6th annual Field Trip to the Future.

Do coding right the first time with the new Current Dental Terminology 2009-2010 book and CDT Companion: Your Guide to Dental Coding.

San Antonio—By passing two resolutions involving the ADA Student Block Grant Program, the 2008 House of Delegates gave a boost to outreach initiatives that build relationships with dental students and engage them in organized dentistry.

Cusco, Peru—A mission trip Oct. 4-11 by the Flying Doctors of America gave four ADA members a chance to volunteer in Andes mountain villages two miles or more above sea level.

Creating an effective Web site is top of mind for many dentists. But can patients find a specific Web site when they search for it online?

San Antonio—Dr. Donald Gebhart found it "beneficial." Dr. Angela Scarfarotti was appreciative of the opportunity to get "hands-on experience."

The 2006 Distribution of Dentists in the United States by Region and State is available. The report is a census of all dentists in the U.S. and its possessions and territories.

Honolulu—Celebrate the ADA's 150th anniversary in paradise by attending the 2009 annual session Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 2009, at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Pittsburgh—The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is seeking candidates for its National Institutes of Health-funded postgraduate program in dental informatics.

San Antonio—A proclamation by Mayor Phil Hardberger declared Oct. 16-19 Senior Smiles Days in the Alamo City—recognizing the Alliance of the ADA's outreach program that will reach 3,500 older adult patients this year at the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic.

The Association is donating an entire set of ADA practice management and marketing resources to interested, accredited U.S. dental schools. The ADA Board of Trustees approved the donation at its June 2008 meeting.

San Antonio—The ADA House of Delegates passed a resolution last month that paves the way for a 2009 National Summit on Diversity in Dentistry.

San Antonio—Last month, the ADA House of Delegates registered its strong support for the development of the Community Dental Health Coordinator workforce model by committing up to $5 million to continue the CDHC pilot programs.

The ADA Board of Trustees has extended the deadline for submitting applications for the ADA executive director position.

The American Association of Endodontists' 21-member Board of Directors joined the American Dental Political Action Committee Capital Club at the ADA annual session in San Antonio.

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