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Honolulu—The following are science-related resolutions adopted by the 2009 House of Delegates during the ADA annual session in October.

Geneva—The FDI World Dental Federation has moved its headquarters office to Geneva, Switzerland—the hub for global health organizations like the World Health Organization, the World Heart Federation and the International Council of Nurses.

Honolulu—The Reference Committee on Legal, Legislative and Public Affairs Matters had an active health policy agenda to consider at annual session.

Honolulu—The following are legal and legislative-related resolutions adopted by the 2009 House of Delegates during the ADA annual session in October.

Boston—The ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry and Forsyth Institute Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry co-hosted a five-day interactive evidence-based dentistry course Oct. 19-23 at the Forsyth Institute.

Honolulu—Here follows a summary of actions related to the Council on Dental Benefit Program and ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics passed by the 2009 ADA House of Delegates last month.

Perris, Calif.—A Michigan dentist formed one of the links when 181 women set a new Women's World Skydiving Record here Sept. 26.

Honolulu—Through passage of Resolution 76H-2009, the ADA House of Delegates directed the ADA to seek ways to increase membership value for retiring and retired dentists.

Washington—The Association offered dental Medicaid and other "suggestions, support and concerns" as Senate leaders prepared for historic health care reform debate.

ADA members now have the opportunity to receive substantial savings on products for their kitchen, laundry room, garage and home. Whirlpool Corp., the leading provider of energy efficient appliances such as dishwashers, washers, dryers and refrigerators, was endorsed by ADA Business Resources earlier this month.

As the country's financial and business sectors focus on getting growth back on track, so do U.S. dentists.

Honolulu—The following are resolutions adopted by the 2009 House of Delegates under the Dental Education and Related Matters Reference Committee.

Many of you reading this column are classified as baby boomers. If not, you are probably associated with Generation X or Generation Y or Z or whatever follows in the alphabet.

Atlanta—For dentists who aren't sure where to get the H1N1 vaccine, the ADA recommends contacting their state or local health department to see where the vaccine is available. They can also check with local pharmacists.

Honolulu—The ADA House of Delegates registered its support for collaborative efforts on the part of several councils and dental organizations to address ethical issues in dental education and practice.

Washington—A pre-Thanksgiving Senate vote is expected on legislation nearly tripling funds for homeless veterans’ dental care over a four-year period through 2011.

Honolulu—Seeking legislative action to prevent dental plans from capping the amount dentists can charge for services a plan doesn't cover, the 2009 House of Delegates adopted Resolution 59H-2009.

Honolulu—The 2009 House of Delegates approved a measure that could lead to the development of a new entrance examination for postgraduate dental education programs.

Barrow, Alaska—The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Oct. 8 honored North Slope Borough dentist Dr. Amanda Gaynor Ashley as "one of 10 extraordinary Americans" with its 2009 Community Health Leader Award.

Bayside, Wis.— Though retired from the practice of orthodontics since the mid-1980s, Dr. Coleman Gertler remained a champion for the profession—serving as a mentor to dental students at Marquette University School of Dentistry in Milwaukee.

Honolulu—The ADA House of Delegates supported a measure that "recognizes that a tobacco-free school environment is the cornerstone of a comprehensive policy intended to prevent and reduce tobacco addiction in young people."

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