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Orlando, Fla.—The House of Delegates is encouraging U.S. dental schools to interact with U.S. dental laboratories and encouraging dental laboratory technicians to be presenters at continuing education seminars, according to resolutions passed at this year’s annual session.

Burwell, Neb.—In Burwell, a central Nebraska town with a population of about 1,000, Mayor Chuck Cone and two city council members narrowly averted a recall attempt related to implementing fluoridation to comply with state law.

Orlando, Fla.—Whatever the donation, be it time or money, the 2010 annual session celebrated its loyal volunteers.

With the expansion of the global market in dental products and supplies, international standards play a crucial part in keeping everyone safe.

Orlando, Fla.—The only practice lender endorsed for ADA members' practice financing and commercial real estate needs by ADA Business Resources announced its new brand identity Oct. 9 during annual session.

There's a big difference between learning about the management of medical emergencies in the dental office and actually performing what's needed to save a life.

Lands’ End Business Outfitters, the exclusive provider of apparel for dentists endorsed by ADA Business Resources, now offers promotional products that ADA members can use as giveaways for patients and staff. And, they were created in response to requests from members.

Phoenix—The ADA and Dental Trade Alliance (on behalf of the American National Standards Institute) are co-hosting the 47th annual International Organization for Standardization/Technical Committee 106 Dentistry meeting Sept. 18-24, 2011.

Perkiomenville, Pa.—When injuries sustained in a pair of auto accidents forced Dr. Thomas A. Howley to retire from dental practice, he took a path that few would consider: chasing tornadoes and dangerous storms.

Orlando, Fla.—The ADA Professional Product Review held its 6th Product Forum Oct. 9-11 at annual session.

Evaluations of the faculty and course, Recognition and Management of Complications During Minimal and Moderate Sedation, were overwhelmingly positive.

Washington—Dentists have been rallying to the defense of their profession ever since a National Public Radio guest claimed that dentists misread radiographs half the time and frequently place restorations in healthy teeth out of a desire to make more money. And now, the NPR ombudsman who serves as the public’s representative to NPR and an independent source for programming has validated those concerns.

Washington—Declining access to private dental coverage over a decade through 2007 and variations in dental spending among the 10 largest states are reported in data sets developed by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality from annual household surveys.

Washington—The Association joined post-election coalitions urging passage of tax and nutrition legislation during Congress’ lame duck session.

Orlando, Fla.—By approving Resolution 71H-2010 to ensure the return of the Health Screening Program at annual session, the House of Delegates sent a clear message that research continues to be a top Association priority.

Washington—The Association seeks passage of three bills of interest to the profession during Congress’ lame duck session and will focus attention on the U.S. Senate. The House of Representatives has passed all three measures.

Sacramento, Calif.—The California Dental Association is “working with locally elected officials in Costa Mesa and Orange County to educate them on the use of amalgam,” said Dr. Thomas Stewart, CDA president.

The American Dental Association offered “our sincere congratulations on your election to the United States House of Representatives” to Dr. Paul Gosar, the first dentist to move from leadership in ADA’s government affairs council to a seat in Congress. He will represent Arizona’s first congressional district.

Flagstaff, Ariz.—Dr. Paul Gosar announced his first run for public office at the May 11-13, 2009, ADA Washington Leadership Conference in the nation’s capital, launching his campaign five months later to unseat an incumbent member of Congress.

Align Technology Inc. announced preliminary details of a proposed settlement between itself and dentists as part of a class action lawsuit against the company.

Orlando, Fla.—What’s Disney got to do with dentistry?

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