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Learn a new way to place, finish composites

Learn a new way to place, finish composites
Dr. Hamilton

With demand for tooth-colored restorations on the rise, there is increasing need for continuing education courses on direct composites. ADA CE Online offers a course that teaches a whole new way to place and finish composites.

Class I Composite: Better, Faster, Easier teaches steps that save five to ten minutes of chair-time on each composite placed while maintaining or improving quality with the Clear Custom Matrix Technique, developed by Dr. James C. Hamilton, a clinical associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, who has conducted extensive clinical research on restorative dental materials.

“The ability to minimize or eliminate shaping, finishing and polishing while maintaining or improving quality and thus saving chair-time is hard for dentists to believe,” said Dr. Hamilton, who is also an ADA Seminar Series speaker. “All dentists, including me, were taught to place more composite than is needed, then grind in the anatomy, adjust the occlusion and polish the resultant surface.”

But with the use of the dentist’s light-cured composite of choice (and no proprietary materials or equipment), Dr. Hamilton said that dentists can easily reproduce natural anatomy with minimal shaping, finishing or polishing.

“Most finishing and polishing is eliminated with the use of a clear custom matrix that the dentist quickly constructs with a clear bite registration material,” said Dr. Hamilton. “There are at least six brands commercially available that are similar to poly vinyl siloxane impression materials except they are clear and quick setting, like an opaque bite registration material. They are very dimensionally stable and have exquisite surface detail reproduction, which allow these clear materials to be used as a die to exactly reproduce the surface of the tooth.”

Dr. Hamilton’s course is mainly for general dentists and specialists who place direct composites but some dental team members will also find it useful. The course concentrates on Class I composites but techniques are adaptable to any composite placement.

ADA CE Online is designed for general dentists, specialists and dental team members. It features a comprehensive library of courses, automated grading and secure credit card payment. Special pricing is available to ADA members.

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