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Steam sterilizer standard project set

The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products has approved a new work project for the establishment of an ADA standard for table-top steam sterilizers. The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) wrote the standard (ANSI/AAMI ST55: 2010 Table-top Steam Sterilizers), which both the American National Standard Institute and AAMI have approved.

The proposed new work project is an identical adoption of the above standard which establishes construction and performance requirements for small table-top steam sterilizers that use saturated steam as the sterilizing agent and that have a volume less than or equal to 56.63 liters.

Volunteers who would like to join the working group that reviews the standard for adoption may contact Kathy Medic, manager, Dental Material Standards, via the ADA toll-free number, Ext. 2533, or by email at