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Dental societies gain more flexibility with dues waivers in resolution

IMAGE: Dr. Rex Card
Member participation: Dr. Rex Card of Raleigh, N.C., addresses the Reference Committee on Membership and Planning Oct. 11 during the Annual Session in Las Vegas. Photo by EZ Event Photography
Las Vegas—Recognizing the ways in which the economy has affected membership, the ADA House of Delegates passed a resolution that gives the tripartite more flexibility with dues waivers.

Resolution 17H amends the ADA Bylaws (Chapter I. MEMBERSHIP, Section 50. DUES OR SPECIAL ASSESSMENT RELATED ISSUES B. FINANCIAL HARDSHIP WAIVERS) by adding the words “twenty-five percent.” The new language reads as follows:

“Those members who have suffered a significant financial hardship that prohibits them from payment of their full dues and/or any special assessment may be excused from the payment of twenty-five percent, fifty percent, seventy-five percent or all of the current year’s dues and/or any special assessment as determined by their constituent and component dental societies. The constituent and component societies shall certify the reason for the waiver, and the constituent and component societies shall provide the same proportionate waiver of their dues as that provided by this Association.”