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Space limited for EBD conference

Training set for March 8-10

Dentists interested in learning more about evidence-based dentistry can apply to participate in the March 8-10, 2012, Evidence-Based Dentistry Champions Conference at ADA Headquarters.

Space is limited to 100 participants, so conference organizers urge dentists to apply as soon as possible. Selected dentists will learn about evidence-based dentistry and be trained in how to apply EBD principles and tools in clinical decision-making. Later, as EBD champions, they disseminate information about the practice to their colleagues.

Dr. Brian Kennedy, an EBD champion and a member of the 2012 conference planning committee, said that the conference’s offerings apply to dentists at all levels.

“New graduates in most schools are getting much greater emphasis on evidence-based decision-making,” said Dr. Kennedy, also past chair of the Council on Dental Education and Licensure. “For graduates who have been out for 20 or 30 years, it was not a part of one’s training. I think particularly for those people this is a very eye-opening experience. For those who are younger graduates, this supports the education that they got when they were in dental school. The Association is continuing to promote this concept that they were trained in.”

The conference has an excellent track record of success, according to Julie Frantsve-Hawley, Ph.D., director, Research Institute and Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry. “We have done careful evaluations of each previous conference, and have data to demonstrate that they are hugely valuable and effective,” she said.

One 2011 EBD Champions Conference survey respondent said of the conference: “I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the experience. I feel that evidence-based decision-making has to be a way of treatment and teaching.”

Another said: “This is the first time I attended the EBD conference. It is really a good experience, and it changed my perception of clinical dentistry. It’s quite informative and a good exchange of information.”

To participate in the 2012 conference, a dentist must live and practice in the United States and be directly involved in treating dental patients. Registration is free for participants, who will earn 11 to 14 hours of continuing education credit.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality provided a grant (grant number 1R13HS020551-01A1) that in part funds the 2012 conference. 

For information and to apply, visit

IMAGE: Dr. Shukan Kanuga, Dr. Peter Loomer and Dr. Jane Gillette
Table discussion: Dr. Shukan Kanuga of Porter Ranch, Calif., records her group’s thoughts in July at the EBD Champions Conference as Drs. Peter Loomer of San Francisco and Jane Gillette of Bozeman, Mont., look on. Dr. Gillette was also one of the program’s speakers.