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Center for Professional Success to launch this fall

Practice. Learn. Live.

The American Dental Association will launch a new Web-based portal later this year that will exemplify the three words above. The Center for Professional Success will help dentists manage their careers, expand their knowledge and balance their lives.

CPS is scheduled to launch this fall with a goal of providing support to dentists so they can succeed and excel throughout their careers.

"Our member dentists need help. Dentists are often juggling 10 different tasks in their practice and when you add the stress of the economy, government regulations and fewer patient visits to the mix, it becomes even more challenging," said Dr. Jonathan Knapp, chair of the ADA Council on Dental Practice. "The ADA is in a unique position to respond to these challenges. The Center for Professional Success can do exactly that for dentists: help them succeed professionally."

The Practice section will be filled with top-notch dental resources to help members
resolve the practice management problems they face every day. The Learn section will have in-person and online executive management certificate programs and other life mastery programs.

And the Live section will be designed to provide members with help managing their health and wellness and balancing work and life.

"The Center for Professional Success will be a one-stop shop for dentists who are looking to enrich their practices and their lives," said Dr. Joseph Unger, chair of the Center for Professional Success Advisory Committee. "Our members have done a fantastic job training to be clinically excellent. We can also help them achieve that excellence on the business side of their practice."

CPS is scheduled to launch this fall. Stay tuned to the ADA News and for more details in the coming months.