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Do you have any achievements that you're particularly proud of?

Patients who utilize the Affordable Care Act for their dental coverage may receive a tax credit that would allow them a grace period, giving them more time to pay their premiums. However, it may create a precarious situation for dentists.

Washington—The ADA and dental coalition organizations urged Congress to support student loan reforms proposed in separate bills. "It will not eliminate the significant burden of dental student debt, but it is an important step in that direction," the dental groups told House and Senate leaders.

Stories that showcase ADA's Action for Dental Health are posted online at the ADH landing site at as they develop. Dr. Charles Norman, Association president, introduced these stories in the March 17 ADA News print edition, inviting readers to share their ADH stories.

Richmond, Va.—Dr. A. Omar Abubaker, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry's chair of its Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, can add a new title under his name.

The ADA is accepting nominations until June 27 for the 2014 Norton M. Ross Award for Excellence in Clinical Research.

Boston—Dr. Martin Nweeia and research colleagues cite new evidence of how "the most extraordinary tooth in nature" interprets its icy Arctic environment for the narwhal, the near mythological whale with the spiraling tusk that is a tooth 6 to 9 feet long. But what use, that tooth of unicorn measure?

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