Find COVID-19 dental regulations by state with ADA interactive map

Dentists can find regulations, recommendations and mandates regarding the practice of dentistry in their state during the COVID-19 pandemic on the ADA Coronavirus website.

The COVID-19 State Mandates and Recommendations webpage features an interactive map that illustrates the various dental regulations by state and includes case totals.

"Our purpose for this map was to provide dentists and dental societies with a one-stop view of how COVID-19 is affecting the dental profession state by state," said April Kates-Ellison, vice president of ADA Member and Client Services. "Much of the guidance was a collaboration with governors’ offices, state departments of health, state dental boards and state dental societies."

A state-by-state list further breaks down mandates and recommendations from those entities, as well as licensure updates related to COVID-19.
"With the development of this map and the uncertainty facing graduating seniors, as well as anyone looking to get licensed or maintain licensure, we added licensure status by state," said Dr. Anthony Ziebert, senior vice president of ADA Education and Professional Affairs. "Licensure is a daily evolving issue managed by states, and the map reflects what has been reported by states to the ADA."

The COVID-19 State Mandates and Recommendations webpage is updated regularly Monday-Friday. For other COVID-19 resources from the ADA, visit the ADA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Center for Dentists.