OnPay adds custom report designer to ADA Member Advantage-endorsed payroll service

The ADA Member Advantage-endorsed company, OnPay, announced a new way their payroll software can help dentists manage their practice effectively by creating flexible custom reports to analyze employment expenses.

ADA dentists using OnPay already had access to real-time payroll reports and COVID-19-related reports that could be filtered by department, date, location or employee type. The new report designer adds up to 50 additional data points that can be added to key reports. Dentists also have the ability to remove items or reorder report columns to focus on information that’s most important.

Dentists can save customized reports for later and create multiple views of a given report to make it easier to go right to the data they are interested in. OnPay’s updated interface was designed to make it easy to get more nuanced information that enables dentists to make better financial decisions.

Dentists can save up to 50% more when compared to other payroll services. Dentists who switch to OnPay now can receive a free month of payroll. For more information, contact OnPay at 877-328-6505 or visit onpay.com/ada.