Help ADA help dentists manage student debt

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Do you have any creative ideas to help lessen the burden of student debt?

If so, the ADA Task Force to Study Innovative Student Loan Repayment Strategies wants your input for a new survey.

Student loan debt is a key issue for the Association and the ADA continues to work with lawmakers, education leaders, dental students and others to help relieve the burden.

In 2019, the ADA House of Delegates adopted a resolution that called for the Association to form a task force to find creative solutions to the student debt crisis.

Dr. Emily Mattingly, task force chair, stressed that everything is on the table, including creative products and services for ADA members.

“To make this project valuable, we’re looking at originality, impact, feasibility, member value and cost,” Dr. Mattingly said. “Right now, we’re in the discovery phase and we’re focusing mostly on creativity.”

Submit ideas to no later than Jan. 29.