Abstract deadline for smokeless tobacco summit at end of February

Rochester, Minn. — The deadline for abstracts for the upcoming National Summit on Smokeless Tobacco Prevention is Feb. 29.

More information and guidance on abstracts is available on the summit’s website. The abstracts are intended to be presented during breakout sessions at the summit.

The summit is scheduled for May 18-20 in Rochester, Minnesota.

Early bird registration is open until March 1.

This year the National Summit on Smokeless Tobacco Prevention will be conducted jointly with The Mayo Clinic's Nicotine Dependence Center Annual Conference.

In addition, the West Virgina University College of Dentistry is offering a certified tobacco treatment training program May 20-22 at the university's health sciences center.

West Virginia University School of Dentistry is one of 22 nationally and internationally Tobacco Treatment Training Programs certified by the Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Programs. Professionals in the fields of medicine, dentistry, social work, pharmacy, nursing and public health will present evidence-based strategies which will enable attendees to assist patients and clients interested in tobacco cessation.

This course is recommended for physicians, physician assistants, dentists, dental hygienists, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, respiratory therapists, licensed professional counselors and other health care providers that encounter tobacco use in their patients.

Registration for the course is available at the university's continuing education website

The ADA website contains information on tobacco cessation. The ADA has advocated for the development of a body of scientific research examining the effects of both tobacco and non-tobacco nicotine delivery products as part of the ADA policy on tobacco use. In September 2019, the ADA House of Delegates passed a resolution stipulating that the word “vaping” and any other alternative nicotine delivery systems be added to the existing ADA policy focused on tobacco use prevention, research and regulation. In December 2019, the ADA Board of Trustees adopted an interim policy directing the Association to “advocate for regulatory, legislative, and/or legal action at the federal and/or state levels to ban the sale and distribution of all e-cigarette and vaping products, with the exception of those approved by the FDA for tobacco cessation purposes and made available by prescription only.

MouthHealthy.org also contains information on tobacco cessation.