ADA Practice Transitions offering promotional trial for dentists who sign up through March 1

ADA Practice Transitions, a service offered by the ADA focused on helping dentists make the process of joining or leaving a practice successful, is offering a free three-month trial.

ADA Practice Transitions logoThe promotional offer is available to dentists who create and submit their ADA Practice Transitions profile from Feb. 24 through March 1, 11:59 p.m. Central time. ADA News readers are being offered exclusive early access to the promotion starting Feb. 17 at 8 a.m. Central time by using the promo code “Feb2020.”

Full access to the service includes working with an ADA advisor, who can help dentists who own a practice or are seeking to practice in any of the eight states participating in the program: Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. ADA Practice Transitions helps owners find a dentist to purchase their practice or an associate to hire and alternatively, helps dentists find an associateship position or a practice to purchase. The service is offered at a significant discount for ADA members.

Participants receive a reminder that the trial expires June 1 and they can cancel if they choose.

ADA Practice Transitions matches dentists with practice owners by considering aspects such as philosophy of care, personality traits, location and desired practice characteristics. The service includes an online profile with demographic information, a personality assessment and a detailed section that helps a dentist articulate their unique approach to dentistry. The online profile also include elements such as mentorship interests, current or desired skill sets, past lessons learned during a transition and other important decision-making factors for dentists and owners.  

The platform looks at basic filters when pairing potential dentists, including location preferences and whether a person is looking for a purchase or employment situation. An ADA advisor will then review each profile and make suggested matches based on a shared philosophy of care, in an effort to ensure long-term success for the dentists and continuity of care for patients. After the match, the ADA advisor schedules regular check-ins with the dentists to support the success of the relationship and practice.

In addition, ADA Practice Transitions addresses confidentiality concerns of participating dentists. Unlike a typical classified or online posting, ADA Practice Transitions profiles cannot be seen by everyone. An advisor will show both dentists only the basic profile details, including philosophy of care statements and general location. More details will be shared only when both sides agree they are interested in exploring a connection.

The ADA recognized that there was need for a more reliable process than what currently exists in the marketplace today. ADA Practice Transitions addresses that need by helping dentists who want to connect for both employment opportunities and to facilitate the transition of a practice from one owner to another but have had difficulty finding success through traditional methods.

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