Florida oral surgeon stays atop branding as practice expands

There is an art to conveying just who you are at every stage of your dental practice. One minute you could be a single-dentist practice with a hygienist and a receptionist, and then, the next thing you know, you could have a group practice and maybe even several locations.

Logo of PBHSHow do you evolve your brand to fit your new dimensions? If you’re Dr. Michael Barbick of Tampa, Fla., you stick close to a proven partner in the realm of marketing and branding — PBHS Dental Website Design & Marketing.

PBHS is the ADA Member Advantage-endorsed provider for website design and marketing services.

Dr. Barbick is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. After working in dentistry in hospital settings and in private practice in St. Louis, he returned to his home state of Florida where he acquired Tampa Bay Jaw & Facial Surgery (tbjafs.com).

He has tapped PBHS for a multitude of their services in reflecting his practice’s brand dynamics. “It’s a group practice that is about 5 years old,” he said. “It started with one office and has kind of expanded since then to over six offices. So, they’ve been helping me ever since to customize my website, do videos, brand myself, create logos and help with getting my SEO campaign going.

“They also provide insight to me on the marketing aspects of how things are working. So, I get annual reports or sometimes monthly reports on where my company is being found on the internet, how often or how easy it is for people that are finding my information ... which helps me out to further optimize so patients of mine can find me easier on the internet.”

Capturing Dr. Barbick’s multiple-office practice in logo form was a challenge that PBHS proved ready for, Dr. Barbick indicated.

They have a lot of hard work to accomplish, including being engaging and memorable so that potential customers see them and automatically associate them with something the business owner particularly intended to convey. Logos are compact workhorses in branding.

Dr. Barbick described a very interactive information intake process involving questionnaires and interfacing with PBHS graphic designers until he had a logo that matched his practice’s needs to his satisfaction.

“There’s a lot that goes into it as it pertains to asking you a lot of questions,” Dr. Barbick said. “Eventually what happens is they start sending you these mockup drawings and then you get to take these drawings or mockups of your logo and start telling them what you like or don’t like based on those mockups; and then they go ahead and redesign that and send it back to you. Then you [might] say, ‘Wow, I really love it except for this one small thing here. Can you change this color to this?’ Eventually that happens and the logo is designed from that.”

Because one of his practice locations is in Naples instead of the Tampa Bay area, Dr. Barbick’s one logo wouldn’t suffice. So he worked with PBHS on a second logo.

“The Naples one is a different logo because I couldn’t use [the first] — the background is the city skyline in Tampa. So, I created my own logo for the Naples office.”

Dr. Barbick sought a logo that reflected the same values and feel as his Tampa Bay office logo, but was unique to the new location, said Richie Lombardo, PBHS director of graphic design. “He wanted people to recognize that the locations are connected in some way but have their own brand,” Mr. Lombardo said. “We used the face from the Tampa Bay logo as a constant theme, and instead of the Tampa Bay skyline, we added a tropical ocean feel to emphasize the Naples, Florida, location. We presented three logo ideas to Dr. Barbick and after a few revisions ended up at the final logo.”

Should he further grow his practice, Dr. Barbick said he would continue working with PBHS on branding expansion.

“In any different office that I open in the future, I will be working with them to help me to continue to add content to the website and to continue my search engine optimization,” he said.

In fact, he has plans to evolve his website using PBHS. His current website was built using one of the company’s pre-designed templates. “I’m going to change my website to a more customized website later this year,” he said.

“You can customize websites and make them completely specific to anything you want. So that’s my next step with them — to customize the website and the content.”