Free ADA webinar to help dentists with social media marketing

The ADA is hosting a free webinar in March on how to effectively advertise and market services and dental practices on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists will stream March 3 at 2 p.m. Central time.

"While patient referrals and a positive reputation have long been an effective way to market a practice, dentists need to be aware of how the prevalence of social media impacts their ability to reach new patients,” said Dr. Allison House, a member of the ADA Council on Dental Practice.

“People of all ages are checking their social streams multiple times each day,” Dr. House continued. “Dentists should consider leveraging channels like Facebook and Instagram to educate prospective patients about the many treatments and services offered by the practice. The Social Media Marketing for Dentists webinar will help dentists better understand who their audience is and share best practices for engaging with them through social media."

The webinar’s featured speaker is Kathryn Inman, director of social media marketing at PBHS. Ms. Inman directs the creation and implementation of digital marketing campaigns — both paid and organic — that help dental practices increase brand awareness and patient base by building interactions with target audiences. PBHS is the ADA Member Advantage-endorsed provider for website design and marketing.

Learning objectives include:

• How to optimize Facebook pages to have a better chance of being found by both new and existing patients.
• How to respond to negative reviews, keeping HIPAA in mind.
• How to best target a practice’s ideal audience on Facebook and Instagram.

One hour of continuing education credit is available to all participants who remain connected for at least 45 minutes. The webinar will also be recorded but CE credit will only be provided for participating in the live webinar. Viewing the recording only does not qualify for credit.

Each person who wishes to receive a CE confirmation letter for participating in this event must register individually.