ADA Health Policy Institute launches ‘Survey of Dental Practice’

The ADA Health Policy Institute is looking for dentists to complete its “Survey of Dental Practice.”

While HPI is currently measuring how dentistry is being impacted by the disruptions of 2020, HPI also tracks the state of dentistry in broader terms, including what happened in 2019. This allows HPI to follow the long-term trends affecting the dental profession. For this effort, HPI has just launched this year’s Survey of Dental Practice, conducted annually since the 1980s, and a random sample of dentists was invited to participate.

“We understand that this survey takes time, and we sincerely appreciate it when dentists are able to find the time to share their input. If you received a copy of the survey in the mail, we would truly value your participation,” said Marko Vujicic, Ph.D., chief economist and vice president of HPI.

This year’s survey results, combined with historical results and other research, inform the ADA’s strategic discussions on how to promote the success of dentists in a changing business environment, supporting ADA’s advocacy efforts on your behalf. Results from the Survey of Dental Practice are the basis of numerous analyses in HPI publications, including statistics on dentist earnings and busyness in the U.S.

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