Dental organizations urge Congress to assist dentists, dental practices in next COVID package

Washington — As Congress works on the next COVID-19 legislation package, the ADA, Organized Dentistry Coalition and state dental associations are asking Congress to continue providing relief to dental practices facing economic burdens in the wake of the pandemic.

In July 10 and July 17 letters to leaders in the U.S. House and Senate, the organizations thanked legislators for their efforts on previous relief packages and asked them to consider the following to continue helping dentists and their patients recover:

• Providing tax credits to small businesses for the purchase of additional personal
protective equipment and safety improvements to the office.
• Increasing the federal medical assistance percentage using an economic
indicator, while also keeping in place maintenance of effort protections if used
to support state Medicaid programs with adult and child dental services.
• Providing temporary and targeted liability protection to small businesses that follow applicable public health guidelines during the pandemic.
• Providing more flexibility for the Paycheck Protection Program loans by
allowing borrowers to take out additional Paycheck Protection Program funds as well as use the funds to purchase PPE; take advantage of the Employee Retention Tax Credit; and deduct expenses paid for with Paycheck Protection Program loans.
• Allow 501(c)(6) organizations to apply for Paycheck Protection Program loans.
• Incentivizing health care practitioners to work in health-disadvantaged communities that have been further undermined by COVID-19 by providing tax credits, federal grants, additional student loan repayment and other incentives.

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