Dental practices continue to recover, according to HPI poll

HPI's seventh wave of COVID-19 shows continued growth among dentists

Data from the ADA Health Policy Institute impact of COVID-19 poll the week of June 15 showed continued signs of recovery for dental practices, with patient volume at 65% of pre-COVID levels, up from 38% in mid-May.

The data, taken from nearly 5,000 dentists, shows dentists making a steady rebound. The June 15 poll had 97% of dental offices reporting as open for elective care, an increase from 90% in the first week of June. In early April, only 3% of dental practices were open for elective procedures.

As far as staffing, 85% of dentists in the June 15 poll reported paying their staff fully, a significant increase over the 58% of practices paying their staff fully in mid-May. In HPI’s poll from the week of April 20, only 13% of staff was receiving full pay.

While employee dentists are not being hired back as rapidly as other dental staff, more than half of them are now being paid fully. According to the June 15 poll results, 59% reported being fully paid. Four weeks prior, the week of May 18, only 27% of employed dentists were getting paid in full.

Complete results comparing results for the seven waves, including results broken down by practice size, dental services organization status and at the state level, can be viewed at