ADA Humanitarian Award submission period open until Sept. 15

 Dr. Loree Bolin Humanitarian8
Honoree: Dr. Loree Bolin, of Edmonds, Wash., was the 2020 recipient of the ADA Humanitarian Award for her work breaking the cycle of poverty for women and children in underserved communities around the world and in the U.S.

The call for nominations for the 2021 ADA Humanitarian Award is open through Sept. 15 with a focus on domestic service this year.

For 2021, the ADA Board of Trustees is shifting the award to highlight volunteer access to care programs within the U.S., with the change prioritizing sustainable programs that benefit communities stateside, not abroad.

The ADA Humanitarian Award has traditionally recognized dentist members who have distinguished themselves by giving a minimum of 10 years to improving the oral health of underserved populations in the U.S. and abroad.

“The Humanitarian Award is one of the highest honors the Association bestows on an individual,” said Dr. Richard A. Stevenson, chair of the ADA Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention, which is overseeing the award. “Every year, the recipient’s actions continue to inspire the rest of us to fulfill the most meaningful aspirations of the profession by helping those who need care when so often it can be hard to be found. Volunteerism often brings out the best of all of us.”
The award will include a monetary component of $10,000 given to the dental charity/project of the recipient's choice.

Any individual may nominate any active, life or retired ADA member in good standing by submitting a nomination for consideration by the Board of Trustees. Nominations received after the Sept. 15 deadline will be placed on file along with the required documentation for consideration the following year.

A nominator is limited to one Humanitarian Award nomination per year. Criteria includes:

• Contributing significantly to alleviating human suffering and improving the quality of life and oral health of individuals in the U.S.
• Demonstrating significant leadership and outstanding humanitarian volunteer accomplishments that bring honor to the profession.
• Serving as an inspiration to the dental profession, colleagues and those treated.
• Showing through the scope of work undertaken a commitment to humanity and selflessness without regard to direct personal or organizational gain or profit.
• Establishing a legacy and/or sustainable program that is of ongoing value and benefit to others.

The 2020 ADA Humanitarian Award recipient was Dr. Loree Bolin of Washington.

Previous award recipients include:
• 2019: Dr. Charles F. Craft.
• 2018: Dr. T. Bob Davis.
• 2017: Dr. Usa Bunnag.
• 2016: Dr. Frank Andolino.
• 2015: Dr. Francis G. Serio.
• 2014: Dr. Raymond Damazo.
• 2013: Dr. Sherwin Shinn.
• 2012: Dr. Ronald Lamb.

For more information, contact the ADA Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention at