ADA Member Advantage endorses Best Card for credit card processing

ADA Member Advantage announced May 1 that it has selected Best Card as its exclusively endorsed credit card processing solution for Association members.

Image of Best Card logoBest Card, which began in 2004 as an in-house program created by the Colorado Dental Association to offer their members credit card processing services, provides credit card processing solutions for credit card payments processed in person, online and over the telephone. It also includes a technology solution that automates the posting of payments into popular dental practice management software.

“We have a long history of working with state dental societies and have saved thousands of dentists an average of $3,256 per year (24%) on their processing fees while working hard to offer a better standard of customer service for dental offices,” said Phil Nieto, Best Card Team president. “We have received calls from a lot of dentists who are closed right now and looking for ways to optimize their practices when they are able to return to work. We’re happy to report we are able to save many of them real dollars over what their expenses for credit card processing were last year.”

Best Card was founded by Mr. Nieto’s mother, Jennifer Nieto, and co-founder Rose McKee. Both women were Colorado Dental Association employees in 2008.

“They believed that there was a level of support and integrity that was lacking in this industry,” Mr. Nieto said. “They spun off the company to enable it to achieve the level of growth necessary to serve dentists beyond Colorado.”

“She was so proud that her business had built to the level where it was able to get the vote of confidence represented by the ADA Member Advantage endorsement,” he said, adding that his mother recently passed away this April. “We will continue run our business in a way that would make her proud. This is a part of her legacy.”

According to Deborah Doherty, ADA Member Advantage CEO, Best Card has an outstanding reputation in dentistry and passed a rigorous selection review process.

“Something that really impressed us is the strong relationship they already have with 28 co-endorsing state dental societies,” Ms. Doherty said. “We heard from state association staff and current Best Card customers that when members call the Best Card office, they will speak to a live person, who is familiar with dentistry and can truly be helpful. We appreciate the personal touch that lends itself to the high level of customer service we expect from ADA Member Advantage-endorsed companies.”

From May 1-July 31, new customers will receive $100 towards new equipment or a $100 Amazon card as a welcome gift (sent in the third month with Best Card).

“We know things are difficult right now, and it isn’t much, but we want to give a token of appreciation for the dentists entrusting us with their business,” Mr. Nieto said.

ADA Members can submit a recent credit card processing statement to get a free analysis from Best Card on how much they might be able to save by switching to the platform by fax at 1-866-717-7247 or email to For more information, call Best Card at 1-877-739-3952.