New JADA supplement offers opportunities for further dentist-patient interaction

 JADA+ Reprint Collection cover image
The ADA Foundation is sponsoring a new reprint collection comprising 21 “For the Patient” pages previously published in The Journal of the American Dental Association.

The “For the Patient” pages are written for patients to educate themselves about oral health topics related to proper care, diseases and the impact of lifestyle habits.

The ADA is mailing the reprint collection to all members who receive JADA, and its online component will launch May 22.

“The ADA Foundation takes great pleasure in sponsoring the JADA supplement of ‘For the Patient’ pages, for the oral health and education of the patients we serve must be our guiding light,” said Dr. Craig S. Armstrong, chair of the ADA Foundation and ADA 15th District trustee.

The “For the Patient” pages are a monthly feature in JADA and produced by the ADA Science & Research Institute. They are focused on disseminating scientific information in educational language meant to be easily understood by the public.

“Health literacy and public education are some of the areas of focus for the ADA Foundation,” said Dr. Marcelo W.B. Araujo, ADA Foundation chief executive officer. “This supplement will allow patients to learn about oral health, prevention and treatment of oral diseases and conditions.”

Unlike other portions of JADA, the “For the Patient” page can be duplicated and distributed to patients as needed. While it is written in a style directed toward patients, the page is intended to facilitate discussion between patients and their dentists. The patients can then take the page home with them for future reference.

“For the Patient” appears on the last page in The Journal and online under a specific “For the Patient” section on the JADA website.

Topics for the page are selected based on new information in dentistry and related health fields (e.g., human papillomavirus vaccination), new or updated treatment guidelines (e.g., antibiotic use), common oral health concerns (e.g., tooth decay) and oral health concerns that are not often addressed elsewhere, such as dental erosion.

This reprint collection was fully sponsored by the ADA Foundation, comprising 21 columns that highlight the variety of topics covered in past “For the Patient” pages.