PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel unveiled to keep dentists current

 Introducing Practice Update

The ADA announced May 1 the creation and launch of the PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel, which delivers free clinical content in general dentistry and specialty topics curated by a world-renowned editorial and advisory board.

The web channel, featuring updates from peer-reviewed journals, news and educational resources 24/7, will keep dentists current with clinical advances from across the spectrum of dentistry.

The channel is a partnership with Elsevier, publisher of The Journal of the American Dental Association.

Dr. Michael G. Newman, channel editor-in-chief, said it will provide a bridge between clinical dentistry and other therapeutic areas, bringing the best and most-current thinking in general and specialty dentistry to all practitioners.

"Dentistry is a clinical discipline that includes the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral health conditions and the maintenance of oral health," he said. "This channel offers dental professionals a source of curated, cross-disciplinary information focusing holistically on all aspects of dentistry. PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry will also provide a bridge between clinical dentistry and other therapeutic areas in medicine such as cardiology, diabetes and primary care. We hope this information will help dentists and physicians consider their patients’ overall health.”

Dr. Newman is joined by two associate editors: Drs. Satheesh Elangovan and Donald A. Curtis, along with an advisory board of multi-disciplinary experts in dentistry and oral health.

The ADA believes the channel will provide added value for members, said Michelle Hoffman, ADA vice president of publishing.

“It is difficult for busy clinicians to remain abreast of the professional literature, a challenge we hope to address with the Clinical Dentistry Channel,” Ms. Hoffman said. “Every day subscribers can expect to receive a curated selection of content from general and specialty peer-reviewed journals, allowing them to quickly and easily stay current in their areas of clinical interest. The Clinical Dentistry Channel represents the evolution of the very popular ADA Specialty Scans, which it replaces. Whereas Specialty Scans were published quarterly, our partnership with Elsevier allows us to serve similar content daily.”

The Clinical Dentistry Channel is an offering of PracticeUpdate, a free service providing physicians, dentists and other clinicians the latest research and medical information selected and summarized by leading experts. The site provides a highly customized experience for members by tailoring content to each user’s chosen specialty and communication preferences.

PracticeUpdate, which highlights abstracts and offers take-home messages, conference coverage and expert opinions, was created in the fall of 2012 with six channels. It now has 12 channels, seven Centers of Excellence and two Disease Spotlights, including a COVID-19 Disease Spotlight.

For additional information on the Clinical Dentistry Channel and instructions on how to register for free, visit