ADA working group seeks volunteers to develop new standard on electronic dental benefits eligibility verification

ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics Working Group 11.10 on Administrative Efficiency in Clinical Informatics is seeking volunteers to participate in the development of proposed ADA Standard No. 1102, Electronic Dental Benefits Eligibility Verification.

ADA Standard No. 1102, which will involve a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including providers, payers, vendors and government agencies, will stipulate a uniform implementation for the X12 dental 270/271 eligibility verification and benefits determination. This effort will provide best practices for standardized electronic data interchange submission and procedure-level responses regarding eligibility verification and benefits determination for payers, electronic dental record software vendors and dental providers.

The standard will address interoperable solutions to develop and implement a uniform industrywide approach for electronic dental benefits eligibility verification, thereby reducing administrative burden for all stakeholders.

Those interested in joining the working group should send a request to