Practice management podcast launches third season

Beyond The Mouth 

The ADA’s practice management podcast Beyond the Mouth began its third season Oct. 21 with an episode featuring an interview with ADA President Daniel J. Klemmedson, D.D.S.

New episodes air every Wednesday through Dec. 9 at

Launched in 2019, the podcast host is Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Shapiro, an ADA Practice Institute director. In the first episode of season 3, Dr. Shapiro speaks with Dr. Klemmedson about the role organized dentistry played in shaping his career path to presidency.

This eight-episode podcast season was recorded in summer 2020 via Zoom as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded worldwide. Dr. Shapiro interviews guests who share stories that all dentists can relate to — from repaying student loan debt to selling a dental practice. Each episode addresses member questions about specific issues – such as patient privacy, retaining staff, managing stress and ergonomics.

Dr. Sara Stuefen
Dr. Stuefen

Dr. Sara Stuefen is a featured guest in an episode of the third season. Dr. Stuefen’s episode launches on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

"As a member of the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs, I was happy to talk about dental benefits and insurance, getting paid, telehealth and how I adapted my practice during the pandemic,” she said.

Dr. Stuefen also talked about how she had to hire a new staff person to join her dental team during the pandemic, so that they could have enough help with coordination of benefits and verifying eligibility of benefits before every patient comes into the office.

"I hope sharing my experiences will help other dentists forced with similar challenges, as we are all in this together,” she said.

Dr. Stuefen said she is a believer in the power of podcasts.

“I believe that podcasts like Beyond the Mouth are an effective means of communicating and engaging with other people, and I like that Beyond the Mouth focuses on practice management,” she said. “I personally love listening to podcasts, as they provide an easy way to learn (and laugh) whether I’m at home or on the go.”

To date, the podcast has had more than 11,600 downloads. Listen to Beyond the Mouth on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher and other streaming services.