Third-party payers subject of closing Evening Session

The closing night of the ADA FDC Virtual Connect Conference is featuring a panel on one of dentists’ most challenging tasks: working with third-party payers while still being focused on the patient-dentist relationship.

Dr. Sara Stuefen, a member of the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs, will be a panelist at the Evening Session, The Third Party Payer Landscape: How the ADA is Working for Dentists and the Public.

 Dr. Sara Stuefen
Dr. Stuefen
“I am honored to be included on this important panel of the closing evening session of the conference,” said Dr. Stuefen. “The panel will aim to show how the ADA is working on high-level legislation at the state and federal level that will make an impact on dentists on the ground level. I can say that the ADA always has its member dentists’ backs when it comes to emphasizing the relationship between a dentist and the patient without interference.”

The panel is scheduled for Oct. 17 at 5:30-6 p.m. CDT and is worth 0.5 continuing education credits.

Mike Graham, ADA senior vice president of government and public affairs, will moderate the panel. The panelists are Dr. Krishna Aravamudhan, senior director of the ADA Center for Dental Benefits, Coding & Quality; Dr. Phil Fijal, chair of the ADA Council on Government Affairs; Chad Olson, director of ADA State Government Affairs; and Dr. Stuefen.