‘Certainty in uncertain times’

Surging COVID-19 cases. Alarming personal protective equipment shortages. Closures of dental practices.
Despite the ongoing uncertainties and questions raised during the COVID-19 pandemic, the dental community rolled up their sleeves and rallied for their patients and dental team.
“You’ve given me certainty in uncertain times by showing me how to keep my patients, my team members and myself safe,” said Dr. Chris Smiley, of Grand Rapids, Michigan. “That peace of mind is priceless.”
“What the ADA did that was most helpful during the pandemic involved the power of three webinars, always keeping us up-to-date,” said Dr. Seth Walbridge, of Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Both dentists are among those lending their voices in a nearly three-minute video showcasing the depth and breadth of the ADA’s ongoing COVID-19 outputs in science, policy, practice and business solutions. The video is part of a campaign to show the value of organized dentistry in its collective response to the most pressing health care issue in a century.
The evidence-based guidance and resources about COVID-19 the Association has provided have included:
• The Patient Return Resource Center, a downloadable suite of communication tools to help educate patients about what they will experience when returning for nonemergent care.
• New Protocols for Positive COVID-19 Test that guide dentists through handling a staff or household member’s positive COVID-19 test.
• Recently updated ADA Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit with printable patient letter, evaluation forms and practical control protocols.

“The pandemic was something that no one could have predicted, but the ADA did their part by informing their members with every step that they were taking,” said Dr. Tanya Sue Maestas, of El Paso, Texas.

Dr. Nipa Thakkar, of West Chester, Pennsylvania, added that the ADA resources have helped her feel unstuck.
“I can’t even begin to tell you the gratitude that I feel knowing that I have you all in my corner,” she said.

To view the video, visit the ADA’s YouTube page. To learn more about the resources and the latest updates about issues surrounding COVID-19, visit ADA.org/virus.