JADA For the Patient


"For the Patient" is a full page of oral health information that dentists can copy as a handout for their patients.

Dentist/Patient Discussion

“For the Patient” provides general information on dental treatments to dental patients. It is designed to prompt discussion between dentist and patient about treatment options and does not substitute for the dentist’s professional assessment based on the individual patient’s needs and desires.


Unlike other portions of JADA, the print and online versions of this page may be reproduced as a handout for patients without reprint permission from the ADA Publishing Division. Any other use, copying or distribution of this material, whether in printed or electronic form and including the copying and posting of this material on a website, is strictly prohibited without prior written consent of the ADA Publishing Division.


"For the Patient" is prepared by the American Dental Association in cooperation with The Journal of the American Dental Association and the ADA Science Institute.