10 under 10 award

New dentists have their eye on the future of the profession, with many taking on selfless pursuits and new endeavors to make dentistry better.

The 10 under 10 award honors dentistry’s rising stars: dentists who are giving their all, sparking change and inspiring others — all less than 10 years after graduating from dental school.

This year’s winners, selected by the ADA New Dentist Committee from over 120 nominations, have been responsible for a state’s oral health initiatives, conducted lifesaving research, testified before lawmakers and advanced oral health protocols at longterm facilities and end-of-life dental service utilization.

Whittling the number of nominations to only 10 was a difficult process, said Dr. Lindsay Compton, chair of the Subcommittee on New Dentist Engagement, which recommended winners to the New Dentist Committee. “It’s overwhelming to see what amazing things new dentists are doing,” she said. “By the end we were so appreciative and in awe of our colleagues.”

A photograph of Courtney Burrill
Dr. Courtney Burrill
Eagle River, Alaska

A U.S. Air Force veteran, Dr. Burrill serves in the Alaska Air National Guard, initiated the University of Alaska pre-dental program and graduated from the ADA Institute of Diversity in Leadership in 2018. “I will continue to strive to do my very best to help others,” Dr. Burrill said. “I hope that through my actions I can inspire others in our profession to do the same.”

A photograph of Dr. Antonia Capurro
Dr. Antonina Capurro
Las Vegas

Dr. Capurro is a leader in dental education and advocacy in Nevada, serving as Nevada State Dental Health officer, leading the Medical Miles for Rural Smiles initiative and helping design the D.M.D.-Masters in Public Health Fast Track program. “[The honor] encourages me to continue to improve the health outcomes for the underserved and vulnerable in Nevada,” she said.

A photograph of Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick
Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick
La Plata, Missouri

Dr. Fitzpatrick serves as co-chair for a local Mission of Mercy and teamed with the county health department to conduct annual school screenings and fluoride treatments for children in eight area schools.

A photograph of Dr. Dan Hammer
Dr. Dan Hammer
Fort Worth, Texas, Navy

Dr. Hammer is a diplomate for the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, a Maxillofacial Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery fellow and a Navy officer. In addition, he is a grant-funded researcher who is evaluating a nonoperative treatment of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw.

A photograph of Dr. Brian Hathcoat
Dr. Brian Hathcoat
Moraga, California

Dr. Hathcoat volunteered at the Berkeley Free Clinic for six years before taking over as dental director. Most recently, he co founded Oakland, California-based Just Health 510, a program that helps provide complete oral health care regardless of a person’s ability to pay. “It is with the support of my family and friends that I have the opportunity to serve my community with dedication,” he said.

A photograph of Dr. Onika Patel
Dr. Onika Patel
Scottsdale, Arizona

Dr. Patel testified before the Arizona state legislature on new dentists’ perspectives on dental therapy. In addition to advocacy, Dr. Patel serves on the ADA Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs and as an ADA alternate delegate. “I hope that my enthusiasm for and dedication to organized dentistry can encourage and inspire other young leaders,” Dr. Patel said.

A photograph of Dr. Kadambari Rawal
Dr. Kadambari Rawal

Dr. Rawal has been involved in research including standardizing oral health care protocols at longterm care facilities, end-of-life dental service utilization and geriatric dentistry. In addition, she provides free dental care to women, children and the elderly and teaches geriatric dentistry in her home country of India.

A photograph of Dr. Danielle Riordan
Dr. Danielle Riordan
St. Peters, Missouri

Dr. Riordan is a constant presence in Give Kids A Smile, Donated Dental Services and Mission of Mercy programs. She serves on the ADA Council on Membership, as the 2019 first vice president of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society and as chair of the Missouri Dental Association Foundation Board.

A photograph of Dr. Jason Tanguay
Dr. Jason Tanguay
Bozeman, Montana

One year out of dental school, Dr. Tanguay was elected to the Montana Dental Association board of directors. In 2018, he served as vice president of the MDA, making him the most junior officer in the society’s history. He led the MDA Medicaid Symposium and successfully lobbied on McCarren-Ferguson legislation in his state.

A photograph of Dr. Tim Treat
Dr. Tim Treat

Dr. Treat is a clinical faculty member at Indiana University School of Dentistry and serves as a comprehensive care clinic director, which allows him to work with faculty, staff and administrators to develop new pedagogical models that inspire students in clinical and didactic settings. “Investing in new leaders is critical to the longterm success of the profession,” Dr. Treat said. “And I’m proud to be part of an organization that has chosen to amplify the potential impact of individual members early in their careers.”